Retro Con Show Oct 13th & 14th

Mark Watts here at Retro Con yesterday nice meeting everyone that collected Transformer Toys when they were young and enjoyed my transformer toy box art this brought back a lot of heartfelt memories a lot of emotion that I was happy to share…I did about 45+ Transformer Box Art and related Transformer art from 1981 and beyond.

Almost all of them said they hung the box art on there walls as art or cut out the Transformer characters for there walls.
One Transformer box fan said he was bullied in school and when he played with the box art and Transformers it was his safe space, of course seeing all his art displayed in one place made him very emotional.

This was my 1st Retro Con, Like Comic Con, I think I will do more a lot of great Transformer and Transformer Box Art fans out there with great emotional stories.

Check out some of this Iconic Transformer Toy Box Art from 1981 and beyond I did the 1st G1 Blister packs Bumble Bee ect Plus Decepitcons Set, Construction Set, Shockwave, Jet Fire and many more. Plus a Table that Transforms into wall Transformer at Check it out at links below..
Enjoy the Art ! 
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