THIS Is Table-Art!

Wall Art That Transformers into 2 Tables a Coffee Table & Desk Table.


Buy any Table Art that already comes with three Mark Watts prints and get a 22" X 34" print of your choice for Free, Transformer Art or any Art on Site ! 

Made of beautiful anodized aluminum, and weighing only 14lbs, Table-Art is a sturdy table. Yet, it is light enough to be lifted and placed on a wall as framed art. In short, it is a beautiful decorative hanging piece of art. Or a dinette table. Or a coffee table. What suits your need, that's what it is.
  • Table - Art is constructed with 24” X 36” anodized aluminum and stainless steel.
  • The table legs fold and set invisibly inside the picture frame, displaying a framed print that hangs on a wall.
  • With legs unfolded and extended, Wall-Art converts into a 17” high Coffee Table or a 28“ high dining or desk/dining table with a plexiglass table-top.
  • Plexiglas protected tabletop holds, displays, and protects changeable artwork.
  • The Table-Art package includes three individual Mark Watts prints, displayed inter-changeably.
  • This Table-Art ships with 3 Mark Watts prints shown on purchase buy link.  Additional Mark Watts prints are available for $95.00
  • If preferred, customize with your own prints.
  • Available colors: Anodized Silver Aluminum or Anodized Black Aluminum 
  • 22" X 34" is the size art to be used in Table-Art, once Table-is purchased any print on this site can purchased for $95.00 a discounted price. Please contact us and let us know what Print you would like.  

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