Table - Art  /  A Great new Patented Idea In Decor.
Made of Beautiful Anodized Aluminum, Weight 14lb Sturdy enough for a Table yet light enough to be lifted to be placed on the Wall as Framed Art.    
Table - Art 24” X 36” Beautiful anodized aluminum framed Wall Art that becomes a 17” Coffee Table also a 28“ Dinning or Desk Table. This Plexiglas protected table comes with changeable artwork. The Table-Art includes three beautiful Mark Watts prints and room for one more. You can pick from Gallery or Design Art on this Web Site or you may want to customize your Table Art to anything from your Family portrait, Your Kids, Classic Car or Favorite picture or whatever. Custom orders are welcome. This table has multiple uses from for home parties, dorm rooms, tailgating at your favorite game, to car shows or just small spaces. Beautiful art that is easy to hang and will be stunning in any decor. This is a great new space saving quality product we know you will love. The only art you can take from the wall to the table. Feng Shui meets functionality. Sturdy yet easy enough to lift. Quality Construction Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel non rusting. The only Framed Art that serve as two different height tables.
Available In - Anodized Silver Aluminum or Anodized Black Aluminum
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Phone: 267-784-6611  /  email: art@tableartstudios.com



Quality Construction / Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel 100% Rust Free

About The Art Work on this web site:
The Art Work on this Site was created by Mark Watts as was the concept for this great new product Table-Art Artist Bio Bolow.
Artist Bio: Mark attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City and Temple University, Tyler Campus in Philadelphia. He has been creating great works of art for the past 30 years. Now with two studios, one in the rolling hills of Bucks County Pennsylvania and one in Sunny South Florida. Mark has worked for clients such as Walt Disney, Budweiser, The Rolling Stones, Warner Brothers Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Tyco Toys, Crayola, William Morrow Publishing, and Avon Books – to name a few! Mark has produced many illustrations for popular toys such as the Hasbro Transformers kids toy boxes he produced about 45 Transformer Toy Boxes and the Tyco Toys Crash Dummies boxes. Some of his most recognizable book covers were made into movies: The Odessa File, Day of the Jackel, and The Dogs of War. He created the logo Illustration for the Clint Eastwood movie Pink Cadillac. Mark also has done many paintings for Budweiser that were produced on there Limited Edition Collector Car Steins. His work has been displayed in many shows around the country and also at the prestigious Society of Illustrators Club in New York City. Mark was a featured artist on the QVC Home Shopping television channel. He was invited to display his work for the past few years at the Antique Auto Museum Hershey Pa. - The event is Night At The Museum. Another exhibit, of his work “Reflections” at the Sunset Cultural Center in Carmel, California in 2013, the Week of Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Painting in acrylics, and digital airbrush, Mark captures the essence of reflective surfaces such as cars and water. Some of his favorite subjects are classic cars, nostalgic scenes and surreal Images. 3 Images of Mark Watts Art is Included in the Table-Art / But you can Customize your Table-Art with any Art Work on this site…Enjoy…Cheers…Mark Watts